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Current Economy and Car Covers

Car covers are a smart purchase in this struggling economy. Saving money is on everyone’s mind. Not only are you protecting your investment from dings, scratches and environmental damage but you are keeping it clean which means fewer trips to the car wash or detail shop. Cars are expensive these days. I am told there was a time where you could leave the showroom floor with a new Camaro for under $4, 000. A friend of mine just purchased one in October it was $40,000, the boy has times changed. If the cost of a new car isn’t bad enough, repairs are costly too and most insurance deductibles are $500. Who can afford that? With a good car cover, you can avoid finish damage by harmful fading from the sun. You can also avoid potential dings and scratches that can occur in the garage, on the street, or in a parking lot. Your interior can also suffer without a cover, the sun can fade the seats and crack the dashboard over time. Most folks think they don’t need to cover their car if it is in a garage but consider how tight it usually is in there and how many items around that can scratch or ding the surface such as tools, bicycles, garbage cans etc. I recommend covering your vehicle regardless of where it is parked.

If you like the idea but want an even easier way, they now have a top cover that covers the top half of the vehicle only. This cover is great for snow removal, ice builds up and interior heat reduction. It can also be used for hiding any valuables when parking for any period of time. For instance when you are at the mall or airport parking. If they can’t see it, they won’t want to steal it. This cover is becoming very popular. It is also a more economical choice than a full sized cover. If you are wondering which cover is right for your vehicle, here is what I would recommend. For indoor storage or a mild environment, I would recommend a two-layer cover. For outdoor storage in a moderate to severe climate, a heavier duty three to four layer cover. Be sure they are UV treated to ensure the best protection. Covers can be found on the Internet or in retail automotive supply stores. You will have a better selection online. If you do decide to purchase online, please be sure to shop around for the best price. There are typically some good sales during the Holiday season. You may also want to check their return policies and warranty information.

Washing Car Covers

Car covers are protective fabrics that are used to protect the external and sometimes the internal part of a car from getting damaged by the element of weather.  Their importance is to give a longer life to the decoration of the car and keep dirt off.  Washing these covers is normally a force to reckon with depending on the material, size and the kind of dirt held. Here are some basics of cleaning car protection covers. Take some clean water and add soap to it. Take a clean cloth and dip it in water. Look for the specific places that are stained and clean them using the wet clothing. Remove all the spots before you dip it in water. If you take the whole cover and dip it in water, you may not be capable of removing all stains from these covers. For all the stains that are on the cover, rub them consistently using the wet cloth until they come out. In case the stain is too stubborn, you can look for some bleach. However, ensure that the material used to manufacture the carpet can be bleached. There are some materials that are not supposed to be bleached. Washing the car covers with your hands is a good alternative. Soak in the carpet in soapy water for sometime before you start cleaning. You can use a soft cloth to clean the carpet. For thin materials, you can opt to use free hands. The detergent used is supposed to be mild. Fill another bucket with clean water. Take a clean cloth and dip it in the water and wipe off the residue. When you are cleaning the covers, keep soaking the cloth in between the wipes to avoid staining the covers.

There are some huge covers that are difficult to wash manually. You can consider using big washing machines. Add a mild detergent to help soak out dirt from the carpet. Before you put the covers in the machine, it is essential that you take some time to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Adjust the machine accordingly. Some materials are not supposed to be bleached. Bleaching spoils their appearance and is hence worth if they are not bleached. For thin and flimsy covers, consider using the gentle wash. For heavy duty covers, normal washing is recommendable. Once the cover is thoroughly clean, hang it on a strong line to dry. It is important to avoid drying car covers in a dryer as this has the ability to destroy them.  The car cover is supposed to be allowed adequate time to ensure that it dries properly. If possible, allow it to dry in the direct sunshine. Storing covers that are not well dried enhances the development of fungal and mold materials that shorten the lifespan of the covers. It is also important to find out instructions of the manufacturer. Some materials are supposed to be dried in shady conditions and on a flat surface. There are several problems associated with ignoring the instructions of the manufacturer. Some of them include an extension of the covers and fading among others. All these washing defaults make the carpet appear to be in bad condition.

A car requires a cover to protect it from many things, such as dust, stain, dirt or others unexpected things that can disturb, moreover harmful. Though the existence of dust is not clearly harmful, it can reduce the appearance of your car. As the result, it will influence the performance of your vehicle furthermore. Therefore, the owners of car must have some considerations in choosing the best car cover. Many companies show the competition in creating the most wanted car cover. They have competition in presenting the unique, matching, and affordable lid. They provide various shapes, sizes, colors and materials forming to give some alternatives in choosing the best one. Many people still have little knowledge in choosing the cover for their favorite vehicle. They have some requirements in deciding what the most appropriate cover they like. Then, these requirements used as the considerations in deciding it. They can follow three points below that can be applied as the consideration in choosing the most appropriate lid for their vehicle. In this case, these points are the standard of car cover used as the consideration in choosing them.

  1. The safety factor is the most important thing than others in choosing car cover. It becomes one of the factors since safety is related to the protection toward the vehicle. The safety means the substance of lid should have the quality in protecting the vehicle. It must be strong and resistant, therefore the cover is not broken easily.

  1. Appropriate shape. If you choose the shape of cover that is inappropriate with your vehicle, it will influence the appearance of your vehicle.
  2. The last is the appropriate size. If you choose the size of cover that is inappropriate with your car, it will give bad impacts. Too tight lid harms your car since it may destroy the paint of your vehicle.

I have been driving for over 35 years and have always taken good care of my cars. In the last few years I have been using a car cover to protect my vehicles and what a difference it has made. For many years I would spend every weekend washing and detailing my cars exterior and interior. Now with the car cover I spend time doing the things I love instead of work my weekends at home cleaning my ride. I only have to wash my car once a month and the inside also stays cooler during the summer months. It makes me think of all the time I spent trying to keep my car clean and looking good, also the money I lost when I would take it to a dealer for a trade-in. Your vehicles are an investment that will lose their value if you don’t take good care of them. Like I said I would spend every weekend cleaning my car, not having a cover the exterior finish would lose it’s luster and the interior would suffer from the sun and heat. Now buy the car cover on sale my vehicles hold their value for a longer time and when I would trade them in I would get a better price for them. Having a cover for my vehicles is the best investment I ever made for my cars.

There are many types of covers made for your vehicles today. There are covers for all kinds of climates and environments. If you need protection in your garage there are light weight covers made just for that. If you keep your vehicle outside in the intense sun of the Southwest there are covers made just for that too. For those that live in the Northern or Eastern part of this country there are covers to handle all the weather mother nature can throw at it. Let’s first talk about the covers to protect your vehicle in your garage or in a storage building. This cover is great for keeping the dust of your car and to stop the little dings and scratches that you get when somebody is walking by it and my rub against the finish. The indoor cover will not stand up to the sun vary well and isn’t waterproof, so it is recommended for indoor use only. Next we have the tyvek covers that are made to handle the sun of the Southwest. This sun-reflecting white Tyvek material provides maximum UV protection which reduces fading of a vehicles paint and interior. This space-age, lightweight Dupont Tyvek is easy to handle and store. It’s long been used by contractors to protect homes during construction. HAZMAT suits are also made from Tyvek to protect people from the most harmful conditions. It is fast drying, mold and mildew resistant and will help protect a vehicle from acid rain, tree sap, dust and other harmful pollutants. Then we have the three and four layer covers made to handle all the weather conditions, they are waterproof and have been UV treated to stand up to the sun. The weather in the wet and coldest parts of the country need a cover like this. From Alaska to New York the three and four layer covers will stand up to weather to protect your vehicles. When you are looking for a cover for your vehicle I think the Internet is the best place to shop. On the Internet you can find all the information at your fingertips and also find a complete selection on sizes for all your vehicles may it be a car, truck, motorcycle, RV etc. You will also have a source to contact them for any questions you might have before you make your purchase. If you go to a retail store like an auto part or Walmart you will have a very limited choice of covers and the only information about the cover will be what’s on the box.

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